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What is a Wobble Board?

Wobble Board? Curvy Board? Balance Board?

I bought a wobble board for my three - year old son during the time of pandemic when restrictions and quarantine protocols are at peak. In the Philippines, just like in other countries, this open-ended toy is something that you don’t see all the time. So, whenever family members and friends would see it, they would instantly ask, “What is that?” followed by, “How do you play it?” 

So what is this wobble board?

This curvy board naturally sparks curiosity in children and adults alike because it really is something that you haven't seen before. It is a wooden curved board that is very smooth and it has no joints.

It was originally used by the Waldorf early childhood educators for its many developmental benefits in children. In the past years in many different countries, the wobble board has had many different names--wobble board, curvy board, balance board, and many more. It has evolved in its design and colors, but the open-ended play value it brings remains the same.

How do you play with it?

Since a wobble board is an open-ended toy, its uses are endless. So when people ask me how to play with it, it's hard to give a definite answer.

It can be a pretend boat, a rocking chair, a slide, a cave, a bed, a divider, and a handy step to reach something high.

My son has been using it as a road and as a slippery slide for his cars and trains. One of his favorite moves is the side-to-side rowing action in his pretend sea. But beyond his exciting and playful activities, he also uses it as a pretend bed for quiet moments.

This wobble board is also great for exercise! It gives an opportunity to challenge anyone at every age. I even use the large wobble board for planks, lunges and step-up!

What are the benefits of this wobble board?

The real beauty of this wobble board is that it actually offers a lot of benefits in children in a playful way. 

Aside from providing a fun, safe and creative outlet for your child’s energy, and fostering creativity & cognitive development, this wobble board provides a great deal of vestibular stimulation during movement activities. And since the vestibular system provides critical input regarding head position, body orientation, balance, and equilibrium, this wobble board will benefit children in the following ways:

  • being confident in activities that involve moving feet on and off the ground
  • having good control over starting and stopping in movements like jumping, climbing, swinging
  • maintaining balance and being aware of how to protect themselves from injury while their bodies adapt to a required movement

More importantly, a healthy vestibular system allows children to sit still and focus on more important and relevant stimuli when engaging in activities of daily living and school-related activities. 

Is this wobble board safe?

I first introduced this wobble board to my son when he was three years old. When he first stepped on it, I was watching him like a hawk.  I made sure that I was there to supervise and provide a hand or two when needed. And after a few wobble and stumble, my son would already create some moves on his own. But he's still three, so I was always there looking at what he's doing with this curvy board.

Just like any other mobile toy that encourages movement, the use of this very mobile wobble board requires parental supervision, especially with children of younger ages.

Safety use and recommendations can be read in our Wobble Board manual. You can have it by sending us a message or clicking chat with us below. 

Would you recommend it to other parents?

I have seen my son having a lot of fun and enjoying different activities with his wobble board. And his balance has improved so much! His confidence in other movement activities has also grown leaps and bounds.

I have noticed that his control and balance in kicking a ball has gotten so much better. Plus, he's showing more controlled movements when riding on his scooter, and demonstrating smoother transitions when running in changing directions. 

 As a pediatric occupational therapist, I have seen the power of movement activities, specifically the ones with rich vestibular stimulation, in kids who are very fidgety. Vestibular stimulation decreases impulsivity and hyperactivity via regulating consciousness and attention levels. (PMR Research)

If parents could afford to buy a wobble board for their little ones, I'd say go for it. Aside from the endless uses and possibilities for play, the developmental benefits are numerous! Plus, it doesn't hurt that this curvy board is pleasant to look at, doesn't take much space, and very strong that even adults can use it!

Are you ready to encourage imaginative play and add balance & movement in your child's play?  Buy a wobble board here.

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