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What Toys Do I Choose for Christmas?

23 Days before Christmas--Are you still thinking of what gifts to buy for your little one/s or inaanak/s?

Here is a toy shopping guide that might be of help in choosing toys that facilitate learning and development while having fun!

Does the toy include moving parts, buttons, or gears?

Toys that require the use of hands & fingers help build small muscles of the hands needed for writing, computing, drawing, and counting coins.

Check out some of our toys that support fine motor skills: Apple Picker 

Wooden Button Board  5in1Toy box Wooden Bead Kebabs

Can the toy be played in more than one way?

Open-ended toys or toys that offer many possibilities promote creativity and imagination.

Know more about our open ended toys: Wobble Board Pikler

Does the toy encourage problem solving or thinking?

Toys that encourage your little one to find ways/solutions or complete a step in order promote thinking & problem solving.

Check our toys that make use of patterns & include different steps for task completion. Wooden Animal Tangram Wooden Animal Train DIY Excavator 

Does the toy encourage activity and movement?

Toys that require the use of arms and legs help build the large muscles and coordination necessary for catching, throwing, kicking, running, jumping, and climbing.

Have fun with our toys that encourage movement: Wobble Board Pikler

Does the toy involve the use of both hands?

Toys that require use of both hand can help improve coordination necessary in sports and other physical activities.

Our matching eggs, DIY Excavator, Wooden Bead Kebabs, support bilateral coordination. 

Is the toy safe and age-appropriate?

Toys that are too young for a certain age might lead to boredom, while toys that are too old might lead to frustration, or could pose safety risk due to small parts. Please make sure to supervise play especially with children age 3 years and below.

Still not sure of what toys to buy? Let us help you! Click "Chat with us" below or send us a message.  

🖊Adapted from AOTA's tips For Living Life to its Fullest

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