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Egg Stamp

Clay is such a versatile toy used by children. It is a great sensory tool of play that offers rich tactile experience. It can also be used in a lot of ways, and it offers many benefits depending on how it is played.

Today's indoor activity is egg stamp. In this activity, the clay was used in combination with the eggs.  These surprise matching eggs can really capture a child's attention and create a lot of fun during play. Combining the two offers a more fun and engaging learning experience. 

It might seem like just fun play, but there is a lot more to this activity! The act of opening the egg itself already improves bilateral coordination. Stamping it to the clay offers a slight resistance that develops hand strength. Trying to match the eggs and stamp on the clay improves visual discrimination & promotes touch perception. 

All of these basic skills are necessary in developing more advanced skills needed in school. So if you see your child making a mess by combining clay with his other toys, just keep in mind that the benefits will definitely outweigh the mess. 

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