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The Pikler Triangle

What is this Pikler Triangle?

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A Pikler triangle is a wooden triangular frame with wooden rungs connecting each frame. It may seem plain and dull, right? But there's actually more to it than meets the eye. 

As children grow, the ways on how to play with this Pikler also grow.

The Pikler was originally designed to help children gain confidence in their own abilities through freedom of movement & independent play. The goal was to let children understand how their bodies work and encourage development all at their own pace. Children are allowed to explore their own limits, while caregiver stay close, observe/watch, and reassure as needed.

It can be used as a support for babies to pull themselves up to stand. As babies gain enough body awareness and strength, they will try to climb up until they reach the top, climb over, and then climb down.

Other babies may not immediately use it for climbing. They may see it as an area to hide, or crawl. And this is okay, too! Just let them explore and soon they'll be climbing and asking for more.

Growing children with developing imagination will have more ideas on how to play with it. It can be a mountain, a tent, a cave and even a kitchen or a part of their pretend obstacle course!

Allowing your little ones to play with open-ended toys like this Pikler is like giving them a key that unlocks their physical development, imagination, creativity, and problem solving skills.

Pikler Triangle Origin

The Pikler triangle was originally developed by a Hungarian pediatrician, Dr. Emmi Pikler in the 1930's. Its initial purpose was to serve as a step for climbing.  But the Pikler triangle has evolved since its time of origin. To this day, you can buy the Pikler with different accessories like the ramp/slide and arch. The Pikler, with its accessories, provides more movement and more fun. 

Why is a Pikler expensive?

One of the most frequently asked questions we get is why a Pikler triangle costs so much.

It takes a lot of time to make a Pikler.

First of all, a lot of time is invested in making one—from locating the best wood, cutting, sanding and making each piece perfect. And of course, it still has to undergo the testing process for safety usage.

Cost of supplies is inherently high.

The cost of raw materials is high. That's right! Try looking for an 18mm, AA grade premium European birch plywood and 15 Pikler rungs which are made of extremely strong and durable birch hardwood with no knots. It's definitely expensive! And this is without the cost of labor yet. 

But of course, there are other Pikler in the Philippine market that costs less. But the question is--how is the quality and design of this Pikler? What type of wood was used? Is the varnish/paint used safe for babies and children?

You should never compromise quality when it comes to your child’s safety. Buying a Pikler is also investing in a toy that your little ones can use for years to come—it grows with your child.

For what age is the Pikler?

A Pikler can be used by little ones as early as six months as they try to pull themselves up and slowly use it to stand.  As your child grows, he can explore more movements and creative uses for it. 

But not all Pikers are made the same. Some are small and can only be used at age 2 or 3, and some are big that can be used up to 5 years old.

Different Pikler have different dimensions, so it's best to determine the dimensions and the weight capacity that a Pikler can accommodate. 

 The Large Pikler with Satin Varnish in our store is recommended for age 6 months-5 years.

It is important to note that the developmental stage in which your child is ready to start using and exploring this Pikler is more important than their age.

Is it safe?

This Pikler is a tool of play that provides a safe place to practice and master your little one’s gross motor skills.

Some parents are on the fence about buying a Pikler because they are concerned about the safety of their little ones.  Some would think that the Pikler will encourage their children to climb more than they are already doing on the couch, tables and chairs.  Well, children are naturally going to climb as part of their developmental milestone, but what this Pikler actually provide is a safe place to practice their climbing.  

How is your Pikler triangle different from other Pikler in the market?

While all Pikler might look the same, there are many differences among them in the Philippine market. 

 But how do we spot these differences? What factors should we consider in differentiating one Pikler from the rest?

Check the dimensions of the frame and rung gaps

  • Is the Pikler wide enough for your child? Does your child have enough space to move around it? Does the gap between the rungs provide just enough clearance to climb up or down safely?

The Pikler triangle in our store is 77 cm / 30.3 inches wide. It has enough space for your little ones to move around, climb up and over. It was originally designed for your 'bigger' little ones, but it can also be used for your little ones as he grows bigger and bolder. The gap between the rungs is 83mm which is ergonomically designed for ample foot and leg clearance.  

    Determine its weight capacity

    • What is the maximum weight that it can handle? What weight can it carry at one time? What can it carry over a sustained period of time?

    The Large Pikler was tested to carry a static weight of about 50 kilos. The quality of the wood and screw integration determines how long can it carry a certain weight for which it is tested over a period of time. And since safety is our priority, only high quality wood was used in making this Pikler. 

    Look at how the screws are integrated

    • Do you see any protruding screws that might cause an accident?

    Our Pikler makes use of flat machine screws that do not protrude on the Pikler.

    Checkout the quality of our Pikler.

    Check the wood quality

    • What type of wood did the manufacturer use to make this Pikler? Can you use the Pikler in years to come? How is the quality and density of the wood?

    Our Pikler frame and slide is made of 18 mm AA grade, premium European birch plywood. The 15 Pikler rungs are made of extremely strong and durable birch hardwood with no knots.

    Determine the safety testing procedure it underwent

    • Did it undergo any safety testing process? What type of paint or varnish (if any) was used?

    Our Pikler has a safety lock on one side and folds closed for easy storage. It meets the International Standard for Toy Safety AS/NZS ( ISO 8124:1, 8123:2, 8124:3 ) The clear and non-toxic varnish is very safe for your little ones. It is tested by SGS Global Laboratories.

    Final Say

    We hope this blog gives you some insight about the Pikler. We know that buying a Pikler can a big investment, so we encourage you to do some research first before purchasing one.

    Do you have any more questions about the Pikler? Click "chat with us" below, or send us a message.

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