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5 Beginner Moves on a Wobble Board

The wobble board is an open-ended toy that offers endless possibilities of play. Your little ones will never run out of ideas on how to play it because it offers so many possible moves, poses and uses.

Did you know that this wobble board also offers so many developmental benefits in children?

Playing on this wobble board teaches your kids how to control their movements to maintain balance. It also increases awareness on how to protect themselves when their balance is challenged. Plus, it highly encourages open-ended play that stimulates creativity and imagination.

Now speaking of benefits,  have you seen all the possible poses on the board inspired by yoga moves? 

Wobble Board Curvy Board Moves

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Aren't these poses all fun and exciting to try? Now, before you let your little ones imagination run wild with all the possible ways in which they can play with this mobile toy, let's make sure that they can move safely and confidently on it.

Here are 5 beginner moves that your little ones can try at home on their wobble board. You can also watch these moves here.


Which beginner pose is your favorite? Let us know in the comment below. 

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