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  • Balance

    Balance is a skill that we use in our everyday lives. It allows us to maintain a controlled and stable position during walking, going up and down the stairs, and  dressing. Having a good balance also lessens the risk of getting any injury, thus it's very crucial to develop a  good balance early on in life. How early? Read on to find more about the what, when, why and how of balance.

  • 5 Beginner Moves on a Wobble Board

    We now know that a wobble board offers limitless possibilities of play. But before you let your little ones’ imagination run wild with all the possible ways in which they can play with this mobile toy, let’s make sure that they can move safely & confidently on it. Here are 5 easy moves that your little ones can try on this curvy board.
  • Help! My Child isn't Crossing the Midline!

    Crossing the midline is as simple as reaching across with your left or right hand, or stepping your left/right foot on the other side. It might seem like a simple movement, but you'd be surprise to know how this skill affects a lot of developmental milestones. Let's find out how this skill unfolds and learn about different activities that encourage it.
  • 3 Reasons Why Midline Crossing is Important

    In occupational therapy, crossing the midline is such a big deal. We look for it during play evaluation and determine any of its progress during intervention. So what is crossing the midline? Why does it matter? And why should we know about it? Let’s read to find out..

  • How to develop Scissors Skills in toddlers

    At what age should you allow your little ones to use scissors? Is it 3 years old? 4 years old? or maybe 5 years old?  I know most parents would delay this learning stage as long as they can. Why? Well, you see, allowing your child to use scissors is something that's nerve-wracking! But at what age is a child really ready to use scissors for cutting? Let's find out!
  • What is a Wobble Board?

    Let us talk about this wobble board. What is it? Well, this wobble board is anything that you can imagine! It's a piece of furniture, a toy, and a tool for exercise! It may look simple at first glance, but there are so many uses and benefits once your little one start playing with it. Let's read more about it..
  • The Pikler Triangle

    As more and more parents discover the benefits of open-ended toys, the Pikler triangle is quickly becoming the toy that parents consider buying for their little ones. But what is this Pikler Triangle? Is it safe? And why is it so expensive? Let's read more and find out.
  • 0-12 Months Developmental Milestones

    Oftentimes, new parents are concerned whether their baby’s development is on track--  "Is my baby doing okay?" "Is this how a baby should be at this age?" "Am I doing things right?" Questions like this are asked by new parents all the time. So if you're a new mom who'd like to know more about your baby's development, or maybe someone who's just curious about developmental milestones, this post is for you.
  • What Toys Do I Choose for Christmas?

    Play is such a crucial part of childhood. Through play, a child learns about himself and his environment. And during play, a child uses toys. So what's the purpose of toys? Toys are the tools of play. Giving your child the appropriate "tool of play" means providing him the opportunity to learn and develop while having fun. This Christmas season, let's be mindful of the toys that we are going to buy. Let's dive in to our Christmas toy guidelines and determine which toys best support our little one's needs.

  • Hands-on mom? Working mom? Or Can I have both Worlds?

    Every mom has her own definition of motherhood. No one can really judge a how a mom defines it because not everyone walks the same path. Some moms find contentment in staying at home, while others find working  and pursuing a career very fulfilling. But having said that, is it better for moms to have both worlds? Is that even possible? Let's read more about this!

  • Simple Tools of Play

    "What are cheaper ways or alternatives to build hand skills in children?" Today's post is inspired by a preschool teacher's question. Materials that you can find at home or in school can also be used to improve hand skills. Now let's look around our home or school and find out what we can use as part of today's activity. Let's start!

  • Egg Stamp

    The act of stamping has a great appeal to toddlers. The idea that an action they did created an interesting effect makes it really fun & engaging for them.  Today’s stamping activity is a little bit different—it’s more fun & engaging! We will use eggs with bright colors and different shapes inside of them! Isn’t it exciting? Let’s begin!